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Together, we can build a healthier, more inclusive Central Valley, where everyone receives the care they deserve.


Investing in FHSI fosters innovation, enhances the quality of healthcare services, develops culturally competent care in communities of color, and creates a healthcare workforce to better represent our valley.

The Family Health Science Institute (FHSI) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Tax deductible donations can be made to:


Family Health Science Institute (FHSI) 

2434 E. Nees AvenueFresno, CA 93720

A photo of a black female child giving a high five to a female medical professional

We are looking to partner with medical institutions, schools and universities, and existing training programs who share our common vision for developing a more diverse and culturally competent healthcare workforce pipeline.  The Family Health Science Institute offers a unique opportunity to fund and create a medical training facility from the ground-up, and purposefully design an environment that optimizes learning, innovation, and inclusivity. By investing in this partnership, we not only address the pressing need for culturally competent care in communities of color, but also enhance the quality of healthcare services, foster innovation, and collectively create a healthcare ecosystem that truly reflects and serves the rich tapestry of the Central Valley. 


The entire campus at the Family Health Science Institute will be developed to provide essential amenities such as parking, landscaping, and utility raceway accommodations to the first floor of each building. All building shell exteriors will be constructed with distinctive architectural features and facades, along with main lobbies and common restrooms on each floor.

Corporate Leasing Partners will have the flexibility to choose between two options:  


  • Build-to-Suit: Leasing partners can engage an independent architectural and/or construction team for the interior build-out design. This option is ideal for those wishing to have a minimum of ten thousand square feet of customized leased space tailored to their needs.  

  • In-House Design: Leasing partners can alternatively utilize the services of FHSI's in-house design and construction team. This streamlined approach offers convenience and efficiency, ensuring tenants receive a minimum of ten thousand square feet of high-quality leased space, meeting industry standards.


Interested in learning more?

Please fill out our FHSI Interest Form and we will be in touch with more detailed information about our investing and leasing opportunities.

An architectural rendering showing the exterior of the Family Health Science Institute.

FHSI Interest Form

I am interested in:
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