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The Family Health Science Institute (FHSI), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is a planned medical facility and training campus set on eight (8) acres in North Fresno.

To promote equitable access

to education and foster collaborative

training opportunities for aspiring

healthcare and medical management professionals from all backgrounds,

with an explicit focus on people of color.

Our Vision

A photo of four medical doctors and medical students

The Family Health Science Institute is a network that facilitates interactions between healthcare educators, personnel training, and medical partnerships, all working collectively to foster innovation, provide healthcare education, and develop an equitable workforce.

Our aim is to cultivate a diverse network of providers equipped with cutting-edge technology and research expertise to serve the diverse communities of Fresno, Clovis, and the broader San Joaquin Valley. Together, we can establish a healthcare ecosystem that authentically mirrors and serves the diverse fabric of the Central Valley, fostering inclusivity and representation in healthcare delivery.  This holistic approach makes FHSI an excellent opportunity for funders looking to make a meaningful and lasting impact on healthcare and education.


The concept for the Family Health Science Institute (FHSI) originated as an integral component of the Family Community Church's original 1995 Vision, which aimed to create a comprehensive facility addressing the holistic well-being of individuals. This vision encompassed the spiritual, academic, emotional, physical, and social needs of each person, all with a fundamental commitment to advancing equity and fostering Acts of Mercy.

An outdoor photo of the Family Community Church building
A photo of Rev. Chester McGensy and Janetta McGensy sitting together

Rev. Chester McGensy D.D. & Janetta McGensy of Family Community Church

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